Program 2010 - L'Agenzia di Arte - UPDATE just a few places available

• Contemporary Expressions

Conditions for participation:
• The exhibitions are only OPEN to members of AGENZIA.
• 1 work with the maximum dimensions of 100*100cm
• A photo of the work 300dpi 1024x768 should be sent together with a brief description and a summary of the artist cv
• The Transportation: delivery to AGENZIA and subsequent return will be the responsibility of the Artist; between each exhibition will be the responsibility of the AGENZIA.
• Insurance: The possibility to contract an insurance to cover the work since the arrived to AGENZIA, until the return to the Artist, in a maximum of 500 Euros per work. It’ll protect the transport between each exhibition; it’ll be a single annual fee of 20 Euros per work. If the Artist choose not to contract this service, the work will be without protection in case of accidents, damage, robbery or loss. The AGENZIA in a way or another ensured the best care in care of each work, as if they were their.
• The Artist will be able to contract directly an insurance of their trust or other type of insurance.
• The Commission: 35%
• The Acquisition Prize: 1.000 Eur per exhibition. The Sponsor of each prize will select the winner between one of the works exhibits, regardless of value and size concerned, staying with his property. The Artists who do not wish to participate in the Prize should mention it explicitly in the registration form. The prize is subject to the commission of 35%. The winner will receive a Certificate issued by AGENZIA and the Sponsor. L'AGENZIA DI ARTE will be the Sponsor of one of Acquisition Prize Exhibition.
• There is a fee of participation in each exhibition.
• The offers: Catalogue, mailing, port of honour at the inauguration, press release.

• Exhibitions Confirmed

• Club Financiero de Vigo, Spain, in the Architect Palacios Gallery - FULL
o The best place to exhibit in Vigo. The exhibition will be presented by D. Francisco Pablos of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Galicia
o Date: 04/03/2010 to 29/03/2010
o Catalogue
o The fee of participation: 150 Eur/Artist

• Museum of Portalegre, Portugal
o Date: 17/04/2010 to 30/05/2010
o Catalogue
o The fee of participation: 100 Eur/Artist
o Acquisition Prize (to be defined): 1.000 Eur

• Ver Arte Gallery – Aveiro, Portugal
o Date: 05/06/2010 to 02/07/2010
o Catalogue
o The fee of participation: 100 Eur/Artist
o Acquisition Prize (to be defined): 1.000 Eur

• Atlântica Gallery – Vilamoura, Portugal
o Date: 26/08/2010 to 03/10/2010
o Catalogue
o The fee of participation: 100 Eur/Artist
o Acquisition Prize (to be defined): 1.000 Eur

Note: The participants who adhere to the 4 exhibitions have a discount of 10%; realizing a sale, the artist must immediately replace the work sold for the following exhibition.
The works have to be delivered until 31/01/2010.
The fees must be paid on the same dates.

o L'Agenzia di Arte associated with the City of Vendas Novas during the celebrations of The World Day of Women in the organization of the exhibition 'Art in Feminine', open only to the creativity of female artists:
o Local: Gallery of Auditorium of Vendas Novas – Portugal
o Date: 07/03/2010 to 27/03/2010
o 1 Work: 100*100 cm
o Catalogue
o The fee of participation: 60 Eur/Artist
o Open only to female artists, with a limit of 10 artists
o Registrations: until to 31/01/2010

o The 16th International Exhibition of Visual Arts in Vendas Novas
• Date: 23/10/2010 – 21/11/2010
o With an extension to:
• Vive Arte – International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Villa Franca de los Barros - Badajoz, Spain
• Local: Maria Nieves Gallery
• Date: January/February 2010
o Catalogue
o It’ll be a group participation in both events
o The fee of participation to both: 100 Eur

• Solo Exhibitions
o 74 Gallery - Porto, Portugal
o Invitations, mailing, port of honour at the inauguration, press release.
o 10 works
o Fee: 400 Eur
o Dates
• 6 – 19 February 2010 - FULL
• 6 March – 2 April 2010 - FULL
• 16 - 30 April 2010 - FULL
• 26 June - 9 July 2010 – FULL

o Delivery of the works:
Francisco Urbano
Rua António de Carvalho, 192
4450-613 Leça da Palmeira
o Contacts:
Tel: +351 932 830 017
o Attention
The material that must be sent by email is:
• Registration Form
• A personal photo or a self-portrait
• A picture of the work 300dpi 1024x768
• Brief presentation of the work
• Shortly cv
• This material is needed for the catalog
o The Payments:
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 0012 2700 2480 5
NIB: 0033 0000 00122700248 05
Western Union: should indicate the numerical code for
transfer (MTCN)

• Some Interesting NOTES of the programme of 2009:
• 66 – number of participants Artists
• 217 – total works exhibited
• 11 – Exhibition held
• 3 – Adquisicion Prizes delivered to Artists
• 5 Sales at 1st half of 2009
• 4.450 – Kms travelled
• 37.936 - Visits to sites of the group until 31 July 2009

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