OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS: Global Village 2012

Almost 70 artists from all continents of the world exhibited their work at the 1st edition of Global Village in January 2010. In the weekends different music performances and art performances took place at this event. Despite the heavy snow the public showed up in great numbers. In January 2012 the 2nd edition of Global Village starts. Now the exhibition will not only take place in the Netherlands, but also in France. From 20 January till 5 February 2012 Global Village will be held again in the Grand Church of Alkmaar. And from 7 July till 15 July 2012 Global Village will be held at the Castle of Sully in Burgundy France.

The Grand Church of Alkmaar, the Netherlands has 3,000 m2 of indoor floor space. The roof of the church is about 30 to 60 meters high. It has many possibilities for freestanding artwork, art hanging from the ceiling or on the wall and for video. Unfortunately there are very limited possibilities for outdoor exhibition. The art will be insured during the exhibition in the church.

The Castle of Sully, Burgundy, France has only 400 m2 of indoor floor space available for the exhibition. That floor space is in one of the former stables and that space is about 6 meters high. The possibilities for outdoors presentation are endless, artists can place there art at the centre court, the lawn between the 2 former stables and the surrounding park. The art isn’t insured during the exhibition at the castle.

Because of the differences between the two locations artists can decide for themselves if they apply for just one location or for both. Artists can apply till 1 October 2011.

The theme of Global Village 2012 is: “the artist as his own curator”.
Many artists have their own website to show their work to the public. Apart from that many artists have a page on different social media, like,, etc. But how do artists present themselves on their own websites or social media pages? What do they show on the web; their entire body of work or just a small selection of works? And what do they reveal about themselves besides their work; a short bio or photo’s of their openings, etc.?

Galleries and museums have their own curators, who select and determine how the art and the artist will be presented to the public. But on internet the artists have to make these choices themselves. The contemporary artist is forced to be his own curator.

About 40 artists will be given the opportunity to give a presentation of their work and artistry to the public. They get their own page in this exhibition so to speak. A specific space at every location will be given to them and in those spaces they determine themselves how they present their artistry to the public.

In the exhibition concepts we want to see clearly that the artist is his or her own curator. What does the artist show and why. Does he or she show different artworks or just one, a short bio or none, a profile picture or not. Or does the artist has a concept in witch everything is incorporated.

Artists from every discipline can apply for Global Village 2012. We will select about 40 artists based on their exhibition concept and their page on During the selection we look for innovation, quality and originality of both exhibition concept and artwork. Apart from that we will keep an eye on the diversity and the unity within the exhibition.

Deadline for applying is 1 October 2011.
In October we will make the selection for both locations. The artists will be informed about the results of our selection before 1 November 2011.

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