8 March 1,10,100,1000 Artists
Sewn In An only Cloth to point out the solidarity and the unity for the rights of the Women in the World
I Look for artists that want to celebrate on March 8 "In Art "
Project:Internazional Organized from Virginia Milici (Virgy)

Title: "I Want.PEACE - LOVE - RESPECT"
1) every Artist puts us his/her Face (Self-Portrait - Self-portrait)
2) to respect: in the execution of the self-portrait, you insert besides the signature of the artist her words of the title.
Example: (" I want Respect" Virgy) or Peace or Love .o the whole title to your pleasure.
3) measure 20x20 + 2 cms in general x, for the seam (no Frame neither loom) 4) support: Cloth
5) technique: Painting, Press, Embroidery, Collage. Or how much your imagination is prepared to realize.
To keep in mind that the cloths 20x20, will be assembled with seams to sight (to point out the solidarity and the unity for the rights of the Women in the whole world) and they will form an only cloth, or perhaps more cloths 10,100,1000?'

6) expiration February 25 th 2010
7) no return
8) you send the works to Virginia Milici V.S.Andrea 23/D 31038 Paese (Treviso) Italy
9) only application who wants to send a small contribution for the thread and the seam. To insert in the envelope of consignment: one or two Euro-dollar (thanks)

10) in the envelope inserted a brief you bio maximum 10 lines, site web or e-mail for documentation
11) all the works will be documented and publish in the blog
12) final documentation in pdf
13) to the arrived works the cloth or the cloths it will be formed.
14) To completed job sent me preview by e-mail: file maximum JPG 300 kb will be posted in the blog
I will Find (I Hope!) a free place for a physical show.With You - or - the cloths, formed I would want to do a 'auction and to destine the result to help the children of Mayungo (kenia) (All depends on the result) adopt 1 or more children to distance in the name of all the participants.
I am Confident I Wait You In So many you also Spread the news to your friends artists, leak to turn for the world. You want other information write me:

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