50 Anos Museu Monográfico de Conímbriga - International Surrealism Now

To celebrate the fifty years of the Conímbriga Monographic Museum, Santiago Ribeiro has gathered together surrealists from nine countries to exhibit works.

The Monographic museum is Portugal’s second most visited museum. The ruins date back to 100 BCE. This antique setting juxtaposed against modern surrealist art is bound to be extraordinary.   

The following artists will be exhibiting:


Yuri Tsvetaev  - Russia

Daniel Hanequand - Canada

Santiago Ribeiro - Portugal

Liba WS - France

 Shahla Rosa - USA

Vu Huyen Thuong - Vietnam

Ton Haring - Holland

Victor Lages - Portugal

Francisco Urbano - Portugal

Keith Wigdor - America

 Majisme Majo - Holland

Steve Smith - USA

Héctor Pineda - Mexico

Gromyko Semper - Philippines

Paula RosaPortugal


The opening will be on September 1st and the show will last until the 30th of the same month.

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