Riccardo was born in Comacchio, in a small town in the lagoon, near to the city of Ferrara.
He graduated in 2004, earning his diploma in five years "decorative plastic" of art institute "Dosso Dossi" in Ferrara.
Obtaining the degree, however, is having to choose whether to continue his studies. Although he still has the curiosity and desire to learn, can not find an academy that can ensure a future for its growth. He decides to finish school and pursue a career.
Begins to deepen, in a completely autonomous, his interest in painting and to seek his creative line that can unite the fineness of touch of the brush with aggressiveness of street-art.
The influences accumulated since adolescence (from the punk-rock music to the B-movies) lead the passions of Riccardo in one unconventional direction and that will lead him to focus on figurative art with colorful accents to the eccentricity of 60s.
In 2010 his debut with his first exhibition in a club, and since then his paintings were presented continuously with the title "Lights and Shadows".

"My target is to represent the contrast between light and shadow of pictures that impressed me. Light is the fusion of seven colors. Choose colors to decorate the canvas is how to filter the light. Painting the shadow as a stain that shapes around the subject, rapresent the evolution of matter, one of the main theories about the birth of the Universe."

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